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Mother’s Day Gifts Part 1: Classic Gifts

Mother’s Day is nearly upon us. At Isadoras, we recognize the importance of commemorating the maternal bond. By celebrating the women who raised us-and, for those of us who have children, being mothers-we call attention to the unique commitment and dedication that the role requires. Thus, with this in mind, we’ve put together a choice selection of pieces to suit the style of the mum in your life.

If diamonds are her greatest desire, this exquisite pair of 1950’s diamond & sapphire earrings are a sure fit. Equal parts practical and fanciful, each boasts sparkling diamonds accented by a beautiful blue sapphire stone. Easy to wear, yet impossible to miss.


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Another traditional and classic gift option is this lovely vintage citrine beaded necklace, circa 1950. Each bead is elegantly faceted and graduated in size. A sunny lemon yellow hue, the larger beads are separated by smaller spacer beads of a darker citrine, giving the piece depth and interest. The necklace is finished with 10K gold clasp.


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Lastly, we have this lovely Victorian era cameo brooch, circa 1900. Crafted from shell and framed in 9KT yellow gold, the design depicts a graceful allegory of night and day. Hand selected from our European collection, this intricate brooch is an excellent choice for the connoisseur of classic style.


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Earth Month: Preserving the Coral Reefs

In celebration of Earth Month, we thought we would share our thoughts on several jewelry environmental, including the protection of the coral reefs.

Protect Our Coral Reefs #EcoFriendlyJewelry (2)

I’ve always been fascinated by the beauty of coral. It is one of jewelry’s most organic looking materials and it is stunning in white, pink, black and deep orange red my personal favorite.

We, at Isadoras, always talk about how antique jewelry appreciates over time, with an understanding that some things appreciate over a longer time than others. But the steep rise in the price of coral has exceeded even our greatest expectations.

This is directly related to the disappearance of the Earth’s coral reefs. The New York Times’ Article “Jewelers Divided Over the Use of Coral” stated that 19% of the coral reefs are gone and if things do not changed they will utterly disappear in 100 years.


Picture of Great Barrier Reef from Pinterest


When I hear news like this, my first thought is to mourn all the beautiful coral jewelry that will never be. But when I look further, it is not just bad for jewelry lovers; coral is critical to the Ocean’s ecosystems. The decimation of the coral reefs has impacts on a variety of sea life, including many of the fish we eat.

Global warming, pollution, coastal developments, certain types of boats and the new jewelry industry are damaging the coral reefs.

And so, while in my personal life I will continue to strive for a more carbon neutral life, when it comes to jewelry collecting, I will continue my devotion to vintage and antique jewelry. By buying what already exists, we get to treasure the beauty of coral without furthering the damage of the planet. Because while a minority harvest coral responsibility, they are not the majority. And so we, at Isadoras, continue to believe, buying antique is still the best way to sidestep the environmental cost of buying new coral.

~XO Miko

Please visit our website for a look at our selection of antique and vintage coral jewelry.

Gomelsky, Victoria. “Jewelers Divided Over the Use of Coral.” New York Times 8 Dec. 2009:Web.

Candy-colored Engagement Rings

Occasionally, we have brides that visit our store seeking what they call an alternative engagement ring. Descriptors such as: something with no diamonds, a colored gemstone, something different. I get excited when we have brides seeking out something other than diamonds since we have so many colorful, bold rings that could easily transition into an engagement ring. Also, you generally can get a heftier stone that normally would be out of one’s price range in a diamond. Here’s a couple of my favorites that I like to pull for customers when they come in the store.

green zircon ring

For the girl seeking a classic solitaire, I usually pull this lovely Art Deco Green Zircon ring. Surrounded with eight (8) single cut diamonds, the color is so brilliant on this ring, it also works quite well for someone who is seeking a peridot stone. This color gemstone looks gorgeous on someone with a fair skintone. Redheads take note!


Sapphire engagement rings are always popular with customers. People seem to really connect with the deep rich blue color of this particular gemstone. This is a lovely Edwardian Sapphire and Diamond Ring surrounded by a halo of ten (10) Old European cut diamonds. This style of ring is also called a “cluster ring“. It’s a high impact cluster of gemstones sure to be noticable across a room.

yellow sapphire ring

Another popular color is any gemstone with a bright lemon yellow color. I always think of this color being bright, and aspirational; which makes it a perfect choice for an engagement ring. This particular Art Deco Yellow Sapphire Ring features an emerald cut center sapphire surrounded by a halo of fourteen (14) Old European cut diamonds. Most people are not even aware that sapphires come in various shades of yellow, so they are pleasantly surprised to find that they are indeed sapphires and not citrines.

heart ring

Another popular gemstone request is Ruby. Again, people really seem to connect with this gemstone and it seems to be a popular birthstone as well. This is a very sweet ring that has been looked at time and again by various customers. It dates from the Victorian era, the ruby gemstone forms a heart, and is surrounded by sparkling rose cut diamonds making it uniquely romantic.

sapphire band ring

For those looking for something completely different and non-traditional, consider this striking Art Deco Diamond and Sapphire band ring. I particularly love the structure of this ring and can really appreciate the simple stripe of sapphire accented by the diamonds. It’s a classic example of the Art Deco time period, and very geometric in it’s design and layout. Easy to wear on an everyday basis, I think this ring would be a great choice for someone who is looking to find a ring that will easily incorporate with their current ring collection.

red zircon ring

Another stunning option, is this new arrival Red-Orange Zircon Diamond Halo Ring. This ring dates from the mid-century and has the most beautiful and unique red-orange brilliant cut center zircon gemstone. Bezel set around the zircon are fourteen (14) early modern brilliant cut diamonds. This particular ring is giving us floral vibes with it’s very feminine setting. Imagine receiving this ring in the springtime and then planning a fall wedding theme solely based on it’s color.

This is just a small selection of the various gemstone rings we have online and in-store at Isadoras. As you can see, there are many color choices to choose from. Search our gemstone rings section, and even explore our cocktail rings section for an even broader selection of non-traditional engagement rings. Some of these can be quite fun to try on as well and you might find something you may not have considered before. In the world of antique and vintage jewelry, your options are limitless.

xoxo – Maria