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5 “Pinworthy” 1950’s Engagement Rings

Today we celebrate the 1950’s and the perfection of the classic vintage diamond engagement ring.

The engagement ring, as we know it, was invented in the 1950’s. The diamond was established as the engagement ring stone of choice and the solitaire setting was popularized. The next seventy years of engagement ring design was built on the foundation of the 1950’s.

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But what makes the 1950’s engagement ring so special, so extraordinary? When I think of art & fashion that is simultaneously traditional and extraordinary it all comes down to details. What are the characteristics of this diamond? What fire does it have? How does the diamond’s cut elevate the stone to the sublime with each and every facet? And the mounting, how does the curve of the shank enhance or detract from the central stone? It is those small details that are hard to express in words, but are transformative in reality, taking a diamond engagement ring from beautiful to extraordinary.

And so, today, I thought I’d share five undeniably “pinworthy” 1950’s engagement rings with you.

1. This is a stunning Mid Century diamond platinum engagement ring. Centered by a sparkling 2.55 carat brilliant cut diamond, this 1950’s wedding ring is all about the center stone.


Shop: 2.55 Carat Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring

2. For the alternative bride, this beautiful 1950’s vintage diamond halo engagement ring is centered by a sparkling 1.6 carat yellow Old European cut diamond. Eleven smaller Old European cut diamonds provide the perfect halo for the beautiful center stone.


Shop: 1950’s Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

3. The perfect classic vintage diamond engagement ring, this platinum ring is centered by a 1.1 carat Old European cut diamond in an illusion setting.


Shop: 1.1 Carat Old European Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

4. Exquisitely feminine, the central diamond of this 1950’s engagement ring is accented by soft lines and sparkling diamonds.  A favorite of mine, this Orange Blossom diamond engagement ring reminds me of my grandmother’s wedding ring.


Shop: Orange Blossom Diamond Engagement Ring

5. This is another wonderfully classic vintage engagement ring, with a 2.03 ct brilliant cut diamond set in a prong setting. Small diamonds sparkle from the shoulders of the platinum ring.


Shop: 2.03 ct Brilliant Cut Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring

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The Antique Vinaigrette & Our Perfumed Past

A little known niche of antique jewelry is the antique vinaigrette. Popular during the Georgian & Victorian eras, antique vinaigrettes are small-hinged boxes with an interior grill designed to house a scented cloth or sponge.

In fashion for almost 100 years, antique vinaigrette boxes were made primarily in Birmingham, England. Often composed of engraved sterling silver, the interior of the boxes would be gilded to protect the sterling silver from the discoloring properties of the acetic acid used in many perfumes. They could be worn on chatelaines, chains, bracelets and rings. They could also be simply a box.

But what exactly are they for you ask?


Shop: Antique Vinaigrette Pendant

1. In an era when women were tightly laced into their corsets, the strong smell of vinegar could keep a young (or old) lady from fainting away. She would soak a sponge in vinegar and place it under the grill of her vinaigrette box. When she felt faint (or even simply overcome with emotion), she could open her decorative box, producing the bracing scent of vinegar.


Shop: Victorian Vinaigrette

2. With the variety of smells produced by a mostly unwashed populace, the sensitive nose would often chose to mask the strong odors of the street by placing a vinaigrette to their nose when something unpleasant was smelled. Instead of vinager they would soak the vinagrette’s sponge with perfumed oils & aromatic herbs. This was popular among both men and women.

I hope you enjoyed learning about these charming boxes as much as I did!

— xo Miko

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“Vinaigrette.” Antique Jewelry University. Web. 10 May 2015.

5 Vintage Emerald Engagement Rings for the Alternative Bride

Emerald is one of my very favorite gemstones. I discovered this at the age of 4. Some of us develop our jewelry obsessions early in life. I would sit on my great grandmother’s knee, fascinated by her beautiful emerald ring. Thirty years later I am still utterly captivated by the beauty of emeralds.

And someday, I will buy my perfect emerald ring. But until that day I will continue to drool over the beautiful emerald rings that come into our store. And so, seeing as May’s birthstone is emerald, I thought I would share five perfect vintage emerald engagement rings for the non-traditional bride.

1. This is a stunning Circa 1945-1950 emerald ring with a halo of early modern brilliant cut diamonds. Beautifully feminine, it would be a perfect alternative wedding ring.

fine-estate-emerald-ring 2

Shop: 1950’s Emerald Diamond Engagement Ring

2. What could be more classic than an emerald cut emerald. And this is a particularly beautiful 1.10 carat emerald engagement ring with baguette cut diamond accents and a platinum mounting.


Shop: Fine Estate Emerald Platinum Engagement Ring

3. One of my favorite things is an emerald stone, another is an Art Deco engagement ring. This ring is the whole package. I particularly adore the pale shade of this emerald and the elegant engraving on this ring’s two tone gold mounting.


Shop: Art Deco Emerald Engagement Ring

4. Sometimes a cocktail ring can be an engagement ring. This is a beautiful 1940’s emerald and diamond cocktail ring centered by a 3.18 carat emerald stone, perfect as a non-traditional engagement ring.


Shop: 1940’s Emerald Diamond Cocktail Ring

5. And because I love Art Deco emerald engagement rings, I thought I would share one more. A big look, this vintage emerald engagement ring sits flush to the finger so it is incredibly easy to wear.


Shop: Art Deco Emerald Engagement Ring

So if you are emerald obsessed like me or just looking for that perfect gemstone engagement ring, consider exploring the beautiful word of emerald engagement rings. -xo Miko

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