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Art Deco diamond rings

Art Deco (1920’s & 1930’s) era is far and above are most requested time period when it comes to rings. Our customers really seem to identify with the architectural details and design from that era.

Summer has always been a popular time for customers to shop, find their perfect ring, and propose, so here are some of our favorite Art Deco era engagement rings to consider.

filigree ring

We love that this ring has a light yellow fancy diamond in the center. Since it’s a cushion cut, it also has a very smooth look and feel on the finger. A very lovely and dainty choice.

art deco ring

This ring has a beautiful center Old European Cut diamond. We mostly love the detailed filigree and milgrain work across the top of the setting. A gorgeous example of Art Deco design!

north south ring

Here is a lovely North South Art Deco diamond ring with a total of .77 carats. This ring is very fluid on the finger and very sparkly!

Art Deco rings are gorgeous and a lovely representation of a very beloved time period. The details in these pieces are incredible and are meant to be enjoyed for many generations. We always have a wonderful selection of these rings online and in store, so take a peek at our collection to see what you will find. And of course, Isadoras would love to make further suggestions and assist with finding the right ring.

Something Old, Something Blue

10 stunning antique something blue jewels perfect for the big day. 

1. I could imagine this Aspry of London aquamarine & seed pearl necklace at a Downtown Abbey wedding. It is sheer perfection.


2. Perfect as a right hand ring or an alternative wedding ring, this vintage aquamarine ring is enchanting.


3. For a bit of Art Deco drama, I adore these sapphire, diamond & onyx earrings.


4. For a more delicate sparkle, these mid-century diamond sapphire earrings are so pretty.


5. Less traditional, but no less exquisite, is a touch of turquoise. I love this 1870’s turquoise & gold etruscan revival pendant.


6. An antique turquoise ring is a nice touch.


7. Nothing compares to this Titanic era blue zircon festoon necklace for sparkle.


8. So very bridal, these fine estate blue zircon and pearl earrings are incredibly romantic.


9. The length of these 1920’s Art Deco lapis earrings is so dramatic and striking.


10. And finally, who doesn’t like a big statement ring? . . . particularly a circa 1900 Arts & Crafts lapis statement ring with elaborate silver mounting.


Please visit our website for more blue jewels!



Pinky Rings

Here at Isadoras, we are known for beautiful rings. Engagement rings, wedding rings and bands, cocktail rings, and rings with historical significance and interest are the most highly requested type of ring; and we certainly have a wide selection. We see trends come and go, but one that I’ve noticed recently are male customers requesting signet rings, or pinky rings. They seem to be making a comeback. Not that they ever went out of style. It just seems that men are rediscovering different ways to wear jewelry.

If you search the term “pinky” or “signet“, we have quite a few to choose from. Below are some of our favorites:

signet ring

This is a beautiful Edwardian rose gold signet ring with french punch marks. Customers really seem to respond to the crown, sword and shield motif. It’s a masculine ring, but I think it works just as well for a woman who likes to make a statement.

sardonyx ring

A member of the onyx family, this beautiful Victorian Sardonyx Intaglio Ring is another wonderful example of a shield / crest motif. This particular color of sardonyx is very wearable to me and would look beautiful against a grey or navy suit. It’s a perfect fall color that incorporates well into any wardrobe.

victorian bloodstone

One of our favorite type of gemstones to wear in the store is bloodstone. It’s a type of chalcedony and is usually spotted (see above) with red. Legend says that ancient warriors carried bloodstone amulets to stop the bleeding whenever they had wounds. If that doesn’t give you a cool factor and a good story to tell while wearing this particular stone, I’m not sure what will. We always have a good selection of bloodstone rings in the store to choose from. Pictured above is a wonderful shield Victorian bloodstone ring set in 15KT gold. The engraved setting is particularly ornate and beautiful and it is hallmarked Birmingham, England. It’s traveled far from it’s home to seek out it’s new owner.

We hope this post has inspired you to try a good selection of our antique and vintage rings to see what would suit you best. Cheers!