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What Your Vintage Engagement Ring Says About You

I adore pairing the perfect vintage engagement ring with the wonderful and unique person who comes to Isadoras searching for THE vintage engagement ring to call their own. Making that choice and finding a connection with a ring often is directly informed by personality, the partnership a engagement ring represents, and of course personal style. So here are some personality types as expressed by a few special vintage engagement rings.  xo ~ Gemma

1. Midcentury Solitaire

You lovely Classy Lady! You love tailored clear lines that express simplicity and elegance to a T. Midcentury modern is uniquely clear and timeless in its structure and beauty. See all our midcentury engagement rings here.

3 carat midcentury modern engagement ring

2. Vintage Art Deco Engagement

You love the spirit of uniqueness. Every Deco engagement ring is incredibly detailed and hand crafted by a master metalsmith and stone cutter with love. You are enthralled by the whimsical details in a Art Deco engagement ring that makes it have character that is uniquely yours.  Enjoy Deco engagement rings here.

art deco 2 carat filigree engagement ring

3. Classic Vintage Band

The understated luxury, the boldness in classical simplicity of a vintage ring. You are the Audrey Hepburn, the Caroline Bessette-Kennedy in taste and elegance. You know a great band (or stack of bands) can go far. Shop vintage wedding bands here. Please note we have many more gorgeous bands in store. 

french gold diamond eternity band

deco stacking eternity band vintage diamond

4. A Colored Stone Engagement Ring

You love movement, rarity, uniqueness! A statement maker, choosing a vintage engagement ring with a colored gemstone truly sets you apart from the crowd. From Yellow sapphire, emeralds, to garnet, gemstones are as diverse in their color as their price point. Shop gemstone engagement rings here.

lavender sapphire vintage gemstone engagement ring

5. Gold Gold Gold! 

You are a lover of the essentials in the most luxurious kind of way. Wearing a vintage gold engagement ring is a special kind of decadence- from French rose gold to a rich yellow 22 carat, wearing vintage gold is truly timeless.

vintage moi et toi diamond engagement ring

Above: Moi et Toi antique two stone diamond engagement ring. 

deco 22 cart yellow gold engagement

The Beauty of Banded Agate

I have had a number of clients comment on our banded agate jewelry lately. And while I have admired banded agate jewelry for the many years I’ve worked at Isadoras, I have done little to educate myself further. But after a long, and wonderful conversation, with a Tibetan monk, about a particularly enigmatic banded agate stone, I’ve decided to learn a little about this handsome stone.


Agate belongs to the chalcedony family, which is a part of the larger quartz family. Onyx, carnelian and sardonyx are also chalcedony family members.

To be classified as an agate, a chalcedony stone must be layered with thin bands of quartz. So technically all agate would be classified as banded agate.


photo from Pinterest

Banded agate is a 7 on the Mohs scale so it is quite hard. And the very very tiny part of me that has dreams of scientific exploration is excited by the fact that most agate can be found within nodules of volcanic rock or ancient lava.


Banded agate was first discovered between the 3rd and 4th centuries in Sicily in the Achates river. And the banded agate, which we collect, agate from the Victorian era, was typically mined in Brazil and cut in Germany.


And beyond its obvious beauty, agate is a healing stone. It is said to harmonize the yin and yang. I think this is an additional reason people are drawn to this stunning stone and why a one time buyer often becomes a collector.-xo Miko

Please visit our website for more stunning agate jewelry!




Modernity and Antique Jewelry

NOW. Now-ness. In our culture that loves to stay current, what is timelessness? What makes a piece of art or jewelry modern? What keeps it from becoming obsolete?

antique citrine festoon necklace

With antique jewelry there is a duality in a piece’s relationship to time and modernism. On one hand, there is a encapsulation of the moment of time in which it was created- the jewel was created to be a contemporary part of a visual conversation relevant to the era.

georgian rose cut diamond earrings

A wonderful example of this is Art Deco Jewelry. There was a strong synthesis across the arts and industry relaying a similar message about the progression and ideology of the deco era- that of futurism, geometry, and innovation. Such a relevant movement as this results in ripples of influence through time; we still see the strong presence of Deco informing our designs today. See below: wonderful Deco stair step statement engagement ring.

art deco diamond stair step ring

On the other hand, time is fluid a marker, and fashion is simply fluid in its creations and responses to its respective time. So, naturally with the word ‘modernism’ comes the dual term ‘dated’ or ‘antiquated’. (Take, for example, Granny’s old 50′s by the way of Victorian stuffed sofa.)

Yet, antique jewelry is truly a timeless anomaly. Unlike some other designed objects of the past, antique jewels appreciate and are appreciated by highly discerning current tastemakers of our time. For example, Anna Wintour, Editor in Chief of Vogue has worn her signature antique Georgian collet necklaces for years to many a fashion show and event. The ultimate powerhouse in fashion and trendsetting chooses antique jewelry for the same reason we all love it: timelessness. No matter the trend influencers, antique jewelry holds aesthetic intrigue and meets us in our time, an adaptive storyline and compliment to our vision.

Anna+Wintour georgian colliet antique necklace

Perhaps it is the culmination of beauty, history, and uniqueness that keeps us truly enamored by the rare character seen in a unique bauble. After all, when we fall in love with a antique jewel, it becomes a signature part of our individual selves, and in my opinion, original style in the true definition of modernity.  xo ~Gemma

noth to south antique rose cut diamond topaz ring