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Piece of the Week: Agate and Moonstone Antique Cameo

The timeless and classical elegance of an antique cameo is truly a rarified experience. This one is especially unusual as it is carved in agate, unlike the traditional shell and accompanying peachy and white colors most antique cameos possess. The rarity of the agate cameo in addition to the halo of moonstones surrounding the exquisitely carved cameo silhouette, is how wonderfully modern a cameo like this can become. String it on a choker, and pair it with lace, or pin it to your favorite spring coat, this wonderful cameo speaks volumes as a piece of wearable art.

vintage agate moonstone


50 Shades of Antique Chains

We love kinky jewelry.  And by that I mean fabulous, sexy, unusual jewelry that isn’t afraid to be as unique as we are individual.

I find nothing quite exemplifies the kink in jewelry like antique chains. Not only do they come in over ’50 Shades of Grey’ literally due to the effects of silver patina, but antique Victorian chains have this way of looking industrial and edgy, and most importantly, sensual. Enjoy all our antique chains HERE.

50 Shades of Grey Chains

We absolutely adore helping our clients find the perfect and unique Valentine’s Day gift, so pop by Isadoras to take a peek at our fabulous and rare merchandise, or shop online for some fantastic Valentines gift ideas here. We love everything from the daintiest and romantic locket, to the sexiest antique chain necklaces you will ever see!

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The Ultimate Valentines Day Engagement Ring

Isadoras loves nothing more than to see the romance in the air and the excitement for Valentines day. This is a wonderful time to shop for engagement rings, and there is not a more romantic engagement ring than a vintage one. Vintage engagement rings are unbelievably sentimental perhaps because of their poetic nature. They capture a time and space where candlelight ruled, and diamonds were much more rare and hard to come by. Each one of a kind antique engagement ring at Isadoras is chosen for its exquisite and unique qualities, so no matter your budget or preferences, you will fall in love. Click on the image below to shop all antique engagement rings.

best valentines day gift engagement ring

This two carat vintage diamond engagement ring is the ultimate dream ring for Valentines day. The gorgeous sparkle and the crown setting makes this antique diamond ring classical, unique and most importantly, romantic. (See it here.)  See our inspiration for unique Valentines day gift ideas on PinterestInstagram, and unique vintage engagement rings on our website. 

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